GFI FaxMaker

Fax securely from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Save money and ensure compliance.

Easy to use for people who need to fax

  • Send and receive faxes without standing over a machine. Users can login to the FaxMaker web client, fill in fax content on-screen, add attachments and simply click send

  • You can also fax directly through your email application. Start to compose an email and in the “To:” box enter a fax number with “” at the end. Fill out the subject line, add body content and attachments, and send

  • Incoming faxes pass through an OCR module that makes it possible to search in the fax body. Useful when older faxes have to be retrieved.

Ensure security and compliance with regulations

  • Faxing protocols make it nearly impossible to intercept a fax in mid-transmission, making it more secure than email

  • Electronic faxing with FaxMaker makes it easy to access this more secure protocol. It addresses the common security issues with manual faxing: mis-dialed numbers and faxes left out in the open, unretrieved

  • FaxMaker plus GFI Archiver enables easier archiving and therefore tracking and retrieval of past faxes. Search your archive database to know who received communications and when. Get FaxMaker + Archiver for less.

Higher quality communications plus time-savings

  • Create faxes in your email or the FaxMaker application using spell-checkers and formatting to ensure better quality of content. Don’t waste time printing attachments for paper-based sending

  • Know when faxes were sent or received successfully by consulting fax reports on-screen.

  • Use pre-built cover sheets for your organization that don’t deteriorate from multiple copying

Easy, flexible deployment for administrators

  • Install FaxMaker as a physical, on-premise service with a standard fax modem; as a virtual Fax over IP (FoIP) through a gateway or VoIP phone system, or through Hybrid faxing with no equipment but integrated with a cloud-based faxing system

  • Administrators can add fax lines, services and users through an easy interface

  • Set routing rules for incoming and outgoing faxes based on phone numbers, specific fax lines, OCR recognition of people’s names. Be the universal recipient to track all faxes, and those with outside normal routing rules

  • Integrate with 3rd party apps via a simple API