Web Monitoring Protect Network Infrasruture

Many network problems are caused by unmanaged network. Of all companies that are victims of fraudulent activity, 91% incur financial loss, and the typical company loses 5% of its revenues to fraud. Employees will feel the negative impacts of successful insider threat activity in the form of lower salaries, and potentially even loss of employment.

Why implement online activity monitoring software?

  • Increase Productivity. Significantly reduce the amount of goofing off that has grown common in most workplaces.
  • Conduct Investigations and Document Violations. Any employee suspected of engaging in inappropriate, illegal, or unapproved conduct can be investigated with Online activity monitoring software.
  • Enforce User Policy. Ensures proper use of company computer and Internet usage, and so lower the incidence and risks of sexual and racial harassment, online gambling and surfing of pornography.
  • Insider Theft Protection. Preventing employee from leaking sensitive and confidential information.
  • Compliance Requirements. Meet government, Industry, or agency compliance requirements by seamlessly maintaining records of communications and transactions – a requirement for many companies.
  • Protect your network from dangerous download, and maximize bandwidth. Video content slow down your company network performance. You can limit the bandwidth, or totally block site such as youtube, casino, or sex relate web sites.
  • A network can crash as a result of internet download. Protect your company network from unsafe or unlawful download.


GFI WebMonitor GFI WebMonitor boosts employee productivity by giving you complete Internet access control to monitor what users are browsing and downloading in real-time.  More than just content filtering, WebMonitor let you monitor and set bandwidth limit, time-based filtering, set policy for user/group/IP, limit  download size to control bandwidth, and many more ……… 
Spector 360 Spector 360 Protects your business by monitoring employee activity on their work computers. Instantly detect insider threats like data theft, employee fraud, data breaches, and productivity loss. Track employee actions and get real-time alerts about dangerous or inappropriate behavior.
 Spector CNE Spector CNE Investigator gives you the ability to discreetly record and replay individual employee activity remotely, from a central workstation or server. Perfect for small businesses or workgroups that want to protect business network, reduce information breach, or just to meet Compliance Requirements.
 spector-pro-box Spector Pro records and replays detailed computer activity like you were sitting there. Monitor any Mac or PC with this hidden application to find out exactly what the suspected employee is doing online.  Records email and Internet activity, web history, Facebook, chat & instant messages, online searches, and more.
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