Still thinking of buying MFP instead of stand alone document scanner?

MFP vs Stand-alone scanner

Does it make more sense to purchase an MFP instead of a stand-alone  scanner?

Yes and no, but I would say more “no” than “yes.” It is totally depended on your working environment and requirement.

Yes, scanning speed is getting faster, many new generate of MFP also supports duplex scanning, high-capacity on ADF, large LCD touched display control panel, and even advanced feature such as scan to Microsoft SharePoint.

No, don’t expect these advanced features and capability on the low-cost desktop MFP. Very few desktop MFP can scan both sides on a document in one pass. Scanning speed for most desktop MFP is simply too slow to get your document scanning job done. If you scan average 100 pages a day, I strongly recommend a stand-alone  business-class  document scanner.

Unless you go with a more expensive advanced MFP, you are better of going with a stand-alone  document scanner for the following reasons:

Low cost MFP is not capable of duplex scanning. Having to scan one side of the documents at a time, and flip documents over to scan the other side not just slow down your scanning process, but often cause error.

Most MFP ia too basic to handle advanced image. It means you will have to spend a lot of time trying to get the document scan properly out of MFP.

MFP is not capable of scanning a mixed batch of different documents. It means you can only scan the same type of documents in one batch. Pre-scanning sorting can be very time consuming.

MFP, even just a low cost desktop single user MFP, is bulky. Most workgroup scanner occupies very little desktop space. Its compact size and light weight makes it possible for taking it to customer site.

Of cause, you can always install an amazing software called VRS Elite from Kofax.  It performs all wonderful magic behind the scenes, and simply adds advanced feature and simplicity to your scanning process.

Still, it does not make sense to invest in an expensive MFP if you deal with high volume scanning. After all, MFP is a multi purpose machine, the main function is printing and basic copying.

Like Internet access speed, A $25 all inclusive package does not mean anything if you mainly use it to access the Internet while working on the road. Speed means everything in business. This applies to other business tools. Getting more done in less time makes a big difference in today’s business. That is why it is better to go with a stan-alone document scanner. Here is how to choose the right business scanner.


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