Software VRS vs Hardware VRS

Do you have poor-quality documents or mix batch of documents to scan?

Kofax VRS will automatically enhance the image quality and all the pre-scan works. But what is the difference between software VRS and hardware VRS?

How do you decide whether you should with hardware VRS or software VRS?

Most Fujitsu fi-series document scanners shipped with the bundled version of Kofax VRS Pro software. Some high-end production scanner models shipped with hardware VRS built in.

The Fujitsu 6670 and 6770 ships with Kofax VRS Professional software, where 6670A and 6770A and all high-end models shipped with hardware VRS.

Kofax VRS is a great tool that allows users the ability to automatically run numerous image processing enhancements while scanning.

Some of these enhanced features include.

  • Enhanced image quality
  • Crop and Deskew
  • Edge Cleanup
  • Automatic Color Detection
  • Color Smoothing
  • Automatic Brightness
  • Automatic page orientation
  • Improved Text Recognition
  • Detect Page Size
  • Detect hole punches and remove them.
  • Delete Blank Pages
  • Bar Code Reading

So what is the difference between software VRS and hardware VRS anyway?

With today’s powerful PC, you may not see the difference between software VRS and hardware VRS if you are running software VRS on a slow scanner. If you have a fast production level scanner, it is better to go with hardware VRS.

If you go with software VRS, you better make sure you have a fast PC to handle the scanning job. That is because software VRS depends on the PC to do all the hard work. The scanning speeds of the Fujitsu 6670 or Fujitsu 6770 scanners can slow down to a point that the scanner may stop scanning in order to give the PC enough time to catch up before sending more images to the PC. If this ever happens to you, replace the slow PC with a more powerful one.

Fujitsu 6670A & Fujitsu 6770A, and more expensive higher-end models shipped with an embedded hardware VRS board. This means all image processing enhancements processing is done on scanners without burdening the PC, and so allow the scanners to scan at a maximum speeds.

If you are looking for a high speed production scanner, I would recommend a scanner with built-in hardware VRS.

If you must go with a scanner with software VRS for any reason, make sure that you don’t use an old PC to work with a high speed scanner. When the PC cannot catch up with the high speed scanner, the scanner will have to slow down for the PC to catch up.

It just does not make sense to pay for a high speed scanner if you don’t have the budget for a fast PC.