Simple stpes to a Paperless Office

Will your business survive if a fire broke out in your office and burned all the documents?

Many family doctors, accountants, lawyers, and small business still run their business base on the old fashion paper documents, which is not just labor intensive to take care of paper documents, but also file cabinets take a lot of valuable office space. Paper document is also the main cause of of information breach, human error, and pose a great business continuity risk.

It is almost impossible to make a photocopy of each and every hard copy paper document for backup purpose. Even if you are willing to do so, sending backup copy of paper documents to off-site storage daily or even just weekly can be very challenging. Most small businesses won’t have the resource to create backup copies of paper document and send them to an off-site storage. It is just not practical.

What if a fire burns down everything one night, including all the paper document. Can your business still survive?

The best way to reduce human error and business continuity risk is to go digital – that is converts all your paper documents into digital files and create a paperless office.

Converting a mountain of paper documents into digital files may seem like an impossible task, but it can be done, and it can be done faster and easier than you expected. All you need is some kind of software such as Adobe Acrobat, Paperport, and a high speed scanner. A commercial-grade  scanner is what I am talking about, not those cheap consumer grades AIO, MFP, or flatbed photo scanners. See How to choose a right document scanner?

Once the software and scanner are in place, simply hire one or two students to scan your paper documents that have been accumulated for years into a dedicated computer. Depending on the scanning speed of the scanner, it usually takes a month to several months to complete the initial document scanning. Your office staff can then take over scanning all the paper documents daily from then on.

The paperless office is not just a fancy term, or just a clean office for you, but it is much easier for you to make a backup copy of digital files. All you need is backup software and a couple of USB hard drives. Taking a small USB hard drive back and forth between home and office or to an off-site, storage is much easier than dealing with a stack of paper document.

Get rid of those file cabinets, paper folders and paper documents will greatly reduce ongoing maintenance, resource-intensive tasks, and human error, and will increase business efficiency, and save money in the long run. We can help.