Secure USB Portable Storage Devices protect sensitive information

Why go with Secure Portable Storage Device?

Information breach is the big concern for organization of all sizes. Survey found that one of the most common ways leading to information breach is through portable storage device, mainly cheap consumer USB Flash Drive. These tiny mobile storage devices make it easier for employee to transfer large files, but also makes it harder for IT Department to protect sensitive data.

Consumer grade USB Flash Drive and USB Hard Drive are cheap and widely used for backup, file transfer, and many general storage purposes, yet their ultra portable size means they can easily get lost or stolen, and so they created a major threat to corporate security and information breach.

This means one of the many ways to protect sensitive information is to manage and secure portable storage that employees are taking with them whether inside or outside your organization.

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Learn how to secure sensitive portable data, the difference between hardware- and software-based encryption and much more.

FIPS Certification

Antivirus Protection

State of USB Drive Security

Hardware vs. Software Encryption

Managed Solutions

Secure Encrypted Comparison Chart

What FIPS Level Do You Need?


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