RDX Cartridge

RDX is a disk-based removable storage cartridge, prefect for replacement of tape cartridge for backup. Combining the strengths of hard disk drive and tape cartridge data storage, RDX Removable HDD Storage System gives SMBs the performance, capacity and flexibility they need to manage rapid, unpredictable growth in digital content and meet strict industry regulations for retention, retrieval and recovery, and relaying of data—all at an economical price.

Why choose RDX technology?

Performance: Backup, restore faster: random access enables quicker backups and restoration, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed provides high transfer rates

Expandable: Grow storage as needed: disk capacities include 320GB, 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB (the highest capacity RDX media currently available); forward compatible with higher capacities

Interchangeable: Easily access data: RDX media is compatible and interchangeable with all RDX and RD1000 removable hard disk docks.

Simple to use: Save time: RDX device is mounted as a removable disk drive icon, allowing familiar drag-and-drop backup operation


 HP 320GB RDX CARTRDIGE Q2041A  hp 500gb rdx cartridge Q2042A HP 1TB RDX CARTRIDGE Q2044A
 HP 320GB RDX Q2041A  HP 500GB RDX Q2042A HP 1TB RDX Q2044A
 Imation 320GB RDX cartridge 28948 Imation 500GB RDX 28947 Imation 1TB RDX 28941
Imation 320GB RDX 28948 Imation 500GB RDX 28947 Imation 1TB RDX 28941
 Quantum 500GB rdx cartridge MR050-A01A  Quantum 640GB RDX CARTRIDGE MR064-A01A Quantum 1TB RDX CARTRIDGE MR100-A01A
 Quantum 500GB MR050-A01A Quantum 640GB MR064-A01A Quantum 1TB MR100-A01A