Programmable Keypad – Tool to eleminate repetitive tasks

Programmable Keypads is a great tool to speed up many business tasks. It allows you to program a specific functions into a key, providing shortcuts to complex or redundant functions.

User Programmable Keypads and keyboards are especially useful to accountants, financial institution, traders, graphic designers, animators, software programmers and anyone who just wants to reduce typing the same things every day.

Instead of typing the same thing again and again every day, a keystroke is all you need for a single task with programmable keypad. Not only you will speed up the process of many business tasks, but it can greatly reduce computer-related RSI too.



Genovation ControlPad 681 Programmable keypad Genovation ControlPad 682 Programmable keypad Genovation ControlPad 683 USB  Genovation ControlPad 684 Keypad
ControlPad 681 ControlPad 682 ControlPad 683  ControlPad 684
 Genovation ControlPad CP24 USB Genovation ControlPad CP48 USB  Cherry G84-4700 Programmable Keypad
 ControlPad CP24  ControlPad CP48  Cherry G84-4700
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