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Product Description

Spector CNE Investigator is a great tool to monitor, investigate employee online activities, and protect company network. It tracks every employee activities including web, email, chat/IM, application, document and network activity.

Why choose Spector CNE Investigator?

  • Tracks every file and program download: keeping you informed of inappropriate content, potential malware and unauthorized applications.
  • Keep data safe with Document tracking: When files are copied to a USB, DVD, CD-R, even floppy or Zip drives, and when files are printed, Spector CNE Investigator keeps track of every last detail about who is accessing documents and what they do with them.
  • Email Activity: Captures and stores email from corporate email platforms, such as Exchange and Lotus Notes, as well as webmail sources like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, ensuring you see what information is coming in and going out.
  • Application activity: The moment an application is launched, Spector CNE Investigator begins to track the application name, launch time, the number of times it’s been opened, window title and more.
  • Web Filtering: Allow only the activity you want, and clock what you don’t. If you desire, you can block the entire Internet or just parts of it. Spector CNE Investigator makes it easy to define exactly what Internet traffic you want to block, based on predefined Internet functions
  • Network activity: Spector CNE Investigator takes all the technical know-how usually required with network monitoring and simplifies it down to the details that are most important to you. With each network event, Spector CNE Investigator records.
  • Keystroke Activity: In addition to recording each key pressed, Spector CNE Investigator associates the keystrokes to the user, the application used, the title of the window, the date and time the event occurred and more.
  • Activity alert: Keep them read-handed by receiving instant alert when keyword or phrases are typed or contain in an email, chat, IM, or website.


Spector CNE Investigator is a powerful tool in investigating employee actions that hurt your business.

  • Theft of Corporate Data: Detect when customer lists, financial records or other high value business documents are accessed and know exactly what is done with them.
  • Employee Misconduct: Determine exactly what an employee is or is not doing while on the clock and quickly review his or her day in a matter of minutes.
  • HR Issues: Be alerted in real-time when inappropriate communications or actions occur across web, email, chat, webmail, and social media.
  • Wasted Time on the Internet: Find out who is your biggest offender by seeing exactly where, when, and how much time your employees are spending on non-work activities.
  • Compliance Violations: Audit compliance policies and procedures by watching employee actions. Should a problem occur, be notified in real-time and know, with certainty, the extent of the problem.


If you are looking for something better than Spector CNE, consider Spector 360


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