IronKey Enterprise S250 2GB FIPS USB drive


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IronKey Enterprise S250 2GB FIPS USB drives D2-S250-S02-4FIPS is designed specifically for enterprise, government and military customers that require exceptional security, performance and manageability from their mobile storage devices.

Built from the ground up to be the world’s most secure flash drives, IronKey Enterprise drives meet the stringent Security Level 3 requirements of the FIPS 140-2 standard, are outfitted with strong hardware encryption, and use the algorithm approved by the DOD for storing Top Secret data. A ruggedized, waterproof* metal chassis helps protect S250 and D250 drives from the elements. Active anti-malware helps prevent USB threats from spreading. And an intuitive user console makes IronKey Enterprise drives as simple as secure allows.


  • Simplify compliance by safeguarding sensitive data with military-grade security and enforcing policies worldwide
  • Reduce op-ex and admin costs by centrally managing device access and usage
  • Reduce help desk calls with self-service password reset and an intuitive user control panel available in eight languages
  • Equip users to safely work anywhere by storing and carrying critical files, applications, and virtual desktops
  • Protect against the spread of USB malware with the onboard Anti-Malware Scanner and remotely configurable read only mode
  • Combine secure data storage with strong authentication into one device by including RSA SecurID
  • Remote disable lose or stolen device to protect sensitive informaiton


Use an intuitive, secure online management console to apply security policies to thousands of IronKey Enterprise flash drives.

  • Enforce device-specific policies, including password strength and retry limits, onboard portable applications, and where devices are allowed to be used.
  • Mitigate risks of data loss by remotely disabling or detonating lost and stolen Enterprise drives.
  • Control where IronKey Enterprise drives may be used based on IP address or range.
  • Securely recover access to user devices, remotely force password changes, and recommission devices that are no longer in use.
  • Manage access to software pre-loaded onto drives, including a secure portable version of Mozilla Firefox, IronKey Identity Manager and IronKey Secure Sessions Service.

Flash storage drives that rely on software-based encryption are vulnerable to cold-boot and malware attacks because they export AES encryption keys to the host PC. IronKey drives instead use the IronKey Cryptochip, a proven hardware based solution that keeps key management on the IronKey drive and off the host PC. After users plug in an IronKey Enterprise S250 or D250 drive, they must
first authenticate with a password. Only then does IronKey Cryptochip enable the encryption keys that unlock data and applications. And with the IronKey Cryptochip handling encryption, PC performance doesn’t suffer.

IronKey’s hardware-based encryption and password verification is always on and can’t be disabled by malware or a careless user. Self-defending IronKey Enterprise drives also provide active protections against the spread of USB worms, crimeware and other malicious code. And if a thief enters 10 incorrect passwords in an attempt to break into the drive, the Cryptochip will initiate a self-destruct sequence that securely destroys the data and the device.

Shielded in a solid, tamper-resistant and waterproof metal casing, IronKey drives are built to survive years of wear and tear.


Choose the model that fits your needs

Two drive models allow you to deploy the right combination of performance, longevity and value to fit your mobile security needs.

  • High-performance and extra long-lasting S250 drives are built to stand up to continuous use on the road. Dual-channel SLC flash memory delivers exceptional performance and longevity.
  • D250 drives balance performance and value for users with average data access needs. Same great security as the S250, with dual-channel MLC flash memory for reliable read/write performance.


Available models to choose from:

IronKey Enterprise S Series
S250 2GB FIPS USB drives D2-S250-S02-4FIPS
S250 4GB FIPS USB drives D2-S250-S04-4FIPS
S250 8GB FIPS USB drives D2-S250-S08-4FIPS
S250 16GB FIPS USB drives D2-S250-S016-4FIPS
S250 32GB FIPS USB drives D2-S250-S032-4FIPS
IronKey Enterprise D Series
D250 2GB FIPS USB drives D2-D250-B02-4FIPS
D250 4GB FIPS USB drives D2-D250-B04-4FIPS
D250 8GB FIPS USB drives D2-D250-B08-4FIPS
D250 16GB FIPS USB drives D2-D250-B016-4FIPS
D250 32GB FIPS USB drives D2-D250-B032-4FIPS
D250 64GB FIPS USB drives D2-D250-B064-4FIPS


Requires Enterprise Management Service licenses 1:1 ratio – Existing end user that have bought need to provide account number. New End user will require sign up form to be authorized by Imation.


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