Privacy Sreen Filters for Notebook and LCD Monitors

Privacy Screen Filters makes on-screen data visible only to person directly in front of the computer screen. Passersby see only a dark, black screen. It improves contrast and privacy without blurring to the person in front of the screen.


Keep Wandering Eyes Off Your Laptop


It’s easier than ever to view your private information in public. Places such as coffee shops, airplanes, subways, buses, and even malls are common places hop on the internet, check your email, and access your work or personal files. No matter where you choose to go, protecting your privacy is essential. Now you can protect your information with privacy screen filter.

How does a Privacy Filter help protect your information privacy?

Privacy Filters use screen darkening privacy technology, rather than common blurring or distorting of screen data to prevent casual onlookers from viewing your screen.

Allows screen data to be seen only by persons directly in front of the monitor. 3M privacy filters darkens screen images from any side view.


  • It’s easier on your eyes

  • Protects your on-screen data in high traffic areas

  • Protects the fragile surface of LCD screens from scuffs and scratches

  • Slim, rigid-yet-flexible polymer

  • Easy to attach and remove


Privacy Filter Rotating Laptop Demo







3M Privacy Screen Filter Selection