Optoma Interactive Projector

Optoma Interactive Projectors turn any flat surface into a collaborative interactive workspace, a great tool for meeting and training that engage your audience.

  • A smart alternative to traditional interactive Whiteboad and virtual whiteboard
  • Interact with your projected content on nearly any surface
  • Wireless wand works like a mouse from away or up close
  • Networking and wireless connectivity
  • More affordable because you no longer need to purchase an Interactive Whiteboard and a projector any more.
  • Works on almost any surface and anywhere you want — an existing whiteboard, a chalkboard with dry-erasepaint, even just a flat surface of a wall, large or small.
  • No limited to a predetermined height and width. You can set the size of the interactive workspace to fit your available space and your requirement.
  • One interactive projector can meet the needs of multiple room types, and multiple purpose too
  • Use one type of hardware to fit in various types of spaces, and reduce the complexity and cost of managing and maintaining multiple types of equipment.


Optoma W307USTi Interactive Projector  Optoma TW610STi+ DLP Interactive projector  Optamas BI-PEN30 Interactive pen
W307USTi TW610Ti+ BI-PEN30
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