OCR Software

OCR software, short for Optical character recognition, is wildly used to convert content from hard copy documents, business forms, and PDF files into edidable text, so that these digital documents can be shared, searched and archived.

The best use of OCR software is to save labor intensive of retyping to re-create the document. After all, typing is tedious and very time consuming. Why not scan in hard copy document with document scanner and let OCR software take over the hard work for you. Some of the biggest hidden benefits of using OCR software is it also reduces human error, elimination of paper, storage space, greater security that reduce information breach.


 Nuance OmniPage Ultimate  Nuance Omnipage 18 ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional OCR  ABBYY PDF Transformer+
 OmniPage Ultimate  Omnigapge 18  FineReader Pro PDF Transformer+
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