Mobile Rack Removable Storage

Mobile Rack Removable Storage lets you turn standard internal hard drive into a removable storage. It is great for the  following application.

Why implement Mobile Rack Removable Storage?

  • Portability for off-site storage
  • Fast backup, make disk image or clone for disaster Recovery
  • Flexibility for multiple users to share a single PC
  • Transfers large amount of data cheaply
  • Software testing on a single PC or server without buying a test server


 Vantec EZ Swap PRO+ MKR-311S6  Vantec EZ Swap PRO+ MKR-311S6  Vantec EZ Swap EX MKR-253ST
Vantec EZ Swap PRO+ MKR-311S6 Vantec EZ Swap PRO MKR-310S6  Vantec EZ Swap EX MKR-253ST
 Vantec EZ Swap EVO MKR-225S6  Vantec EZ Swap F4 MKR-425ST Ventec NexStar SE NRK-510ST
 Vantec EZ Swap EVO MKR-225S6 Vantec EZ Swap F4 MKR-425ST   Vantec NexStar SE NRK-510ST
 Ventec NexStar SE NRK-515ST  Ventec NexStar SE NRK-525ST  Vantec EZ Swap 4 MKR-401ST
 Ventec NexStar SE NRK-525ST  Ventec NexStar SE MRK-525CRU2  Vantec EZ Swap 4 MKR-401ST


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