LTO Data Cartridge

LTO Ultrium Media is optimized for high capacity and performance with outstanding reliability in either stand-alone or automated environments with compressed capacities of up to 6.25TB.


MFG Dell Fuji HP IBM Imation Maxell Quantum Sony
LTO-1 305310 C7971A 08L9120 41089  183800 MR-L1MQN-01 LTX100G
LTO-2 340-8701 522946  C7972A 08L9870 16598 183850 MR-L2MQN-01 LTX200G
LTO-3 341-2645 126021  C7973A 24R1922 17532 183900 MR-L3MQN-01 LTX400G
LTO-4 341-4640 15716800  C7974A 95P4436 26592 183906 MR-L4MQN-01 LTX800G
LTO-5   16008030  C7975A 46X1290 27672  229323 MR-L5MQN-01  LTX1500G
LTO-6 342-5450 16310732  C7976A 00V7590 29080  229558 MR-L6MQN-01  LTX2500G


What LTO data cartridge to choose is totally depending on your your LTO tape drive. LTO-5 tape drive requires LTO-5 data cartridge. Media backward compatibility allows LTO-5 tape drive to accept earlier LTO-4 or LTO-3. It does not work the other way. Make sure that you you know what you need before placing an order.


LTO tape Storage Capacity, Native/Compress
LTO-1 Tape 100GB/200GB
LTO-2 Tape 200GB/400GB
LTO-3 Tape 400GB/800GB
LTO-4 Tape 800GB/1.6TB
LTO-5 Tape 1.5TB/3.0TB
LTO-6 Tape 2.5TB/6.25TB
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