Laptop and Mobile Device Tracking Service

A stolen laptop PC can be used to access your corporate network.  Failure to protect and control this endpoint can lead to data breach penalties – and even worse, the type of negative publicity that can take many years to repair.

Rely oh Absolute Computrace to protect, monitor, and recover your lost laptop PC or mobile device.

Computrace is a laptop security and tracking software and service which deters computer theft, recovers stolen laptops, and also provides a theft recovery guarantee, PC audits, asset tracking, and data security tools and services. Call it the best Anti-Theft solution in the industry if you will.


lojack LoJack for Laptops provides award-winning theft recovery for laptops – PC or Mac. In addition, this complete security software helps you protect and track your laptop with additional features of remote lock, locate and delete.
 Computrace Complete Absolute Computrace lets you track and secure all of your laptop and mobile device. Computers and ultra-portable devices can be remotely managed and secured to ensure that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.
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