Interactive Projector vs Interactive Whiteboard

Setting up an Interactive Whiteboard requires not just an Interactive Whiteboard, but also a projector. Although it won’t break your budget, it can be time consuming to set it up.

This is no longer the case. Now you can simply go with an all-in-one Interactive projector. The new generation of Interactive Projector is a multifunction projector that combines the projection and interactive capability and functionality in one machine, without additional expense or constraint of an Interactive Whiteboard.

The main advantage of any Interactive Projector is interactivity, flexibility, probability. Compared to traditional Interactive Whiteboard, here are several advantages of Interactive Projector:

  • Portability: There is no bulky Interactive Whiteboard to carry. The board-less design makes it possible and easier to share with multiple users, and multiple locations too.
  • Flexibility: Simply project to an existing whiteboard, blackboard, or even an available plain wall space in a small office or larger boardroom, just about any flat surface and anywhere you want.
  • Adjustable image size: The size of the interactive workspace can be adjusted from 40″ to 150″ diagonal (depending on the model). You can create a small interactive image in a tight space, or a large image in a large boardroom, without paying a premium for size.
  • Affordable: There is no need to purchase both Interactive Whiteboard and a standard projector. This all-in-one design makes it more affordable to small organization with a tight budget. Use the saving to purchase something else on your IT wish list.
  • Multiple Purpose: Use it as an Interactive Projector, or simply use it as a standard projector. Maximize the value of your investment.
  • Freedom to move around: User can interact with the projected image up-close or away with a wireless wand, with or without touching the projected image. This means people of any height can interact freely with any part of the projected image.
  • Selective models works with multiple PC: You can connect an Interactive Projector to multiple PC via network and select which PC you want to project, even display multiple screen from multiple PC simultaneously.
  • No calibration as with typical interactive whiteboards: Move the projector to any location you want, and as often as you want, point the wand and the projector knows the exact pixel you point to. This convenience feature save you time each time and hassles.

Up until recently, you would need to purchase an interactive whiteboard and a projector to create an interactive learning or training environment. That is not just expensive, but also bulky and inconvenience to set up and move around. Interactive projectors have made it easier and cheaper for organization of all sizes to achieve the same goal.

The wireless Interactive Pen (call it wand or electronic pen) is what makes interactivity possible. It lets you control the attached computer from the projected image as if you were working on a wireless mouse, but it also lets you draw, annotate, and highlight.