Imation IronKey Secure USB Flash Drive

IronKey Secure USB Flash Drive is designed to meet the most demanding users who are looking for military grade secure portable storage. these physically hardened, secure USB drives are outfitted with strong hardware encryption and use the algorithm approved by the Department of Defense.

There are three editions of IronKey to choose from. There arer Ironkey Enterprise, IronKey Personal, and IronKey Basic. There is always one that meet your need.


IronKey Enterprise IronKey Enterprise IronKey Basic
IronKey Enterprise IronKey Personal IronKey Basic


Choosing the right Ironkey for your needs





Ruggedized, Tamper-Resistant & Waterproof

Dual Channel, High Performance Architecture

Automatic Hardware Encryption of All Data

Built-in Malware Protection

Web Privacy and Identity Protection**

RSA SecurID, CRYPTOCard, One-time Password

Automatic Antivirus Scanning

Enforceable Security Policies

Managed Remotely over the Internet

Device Recovery and Recommissioning

User Activity and Event Tracking

Access Control and Revocation

Remote Terminate for Lost or Stolen Drives


There are software encrypted USB Flash Drives and hardware encrypted USB Flash Drives. Why pay more for hardware encrypted USB Flash Drives such as IronKey?

Most software encryption USB devices don’t and cannot make encryption mandatory. Users can freely bypass the security features and simply copy data to the USB drive unencrypted as they wish. This user behavior can be quite common, because software encryption products require extra steps and proprietary user interfaces to encrypt data.

Hardware encryption products require that users must unlock the USB drive in order to use it. All data placed on the device after this point is automatically encrypted, enforcing security.

With hardware encryption, validation of the password is done inside the USB drive itself. Some hardware encrypted USB Flash Drives will even go into lockdown mode or possibly erase all on-board after getting a certain number of bad passwords, eliminating the threat of this attack altogether.