How to track and recover lost or stolen laptop PC?

What do you do when one of the employee reports a stolen laptop PC?

It is unthinkable. Losing a PC is already bad enough. Losing a PC knowing the PC carries a lot of sensitive information without proper protection is ever worse. After all, the real value of any business laptop is the valuable data it carries.

What can you do to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hand?

In an ideal world, all PC, especially business laptop PC, should be fully encrypted. In a real world, over 90% of the laptop PC are not properly protected.

If you think those simple passwords will protect sensitive data, think again. Many password recovery software can be used to break into password-protected  notebook PC.

With more and more sensitive data are being stored on laptop PC these days, recovering the stolen laptop PC is only one part of the process. For most business users, retrieving sensitive information such as customer file, user ID and password, and stopping a thief from viewing private information is more important. That’s where laptop recovery software can help.

Did you know that you can track, monitor, and even recover your stolen or missing PC?

Good laptop recovery software provides the following features:

  •  The ability to locate your stolen laptop on a map no matter where it goes, so long as the stolen PC is connected online.
  •  The ability to login to your stolen laptop PC and retrieve data, and deny the theft from accessing to your data.
  •  The ability to securely delete files on the stolen PC.
  •  The ability to track and recover your stolen laptop PC.

Absolute Computrace Complete is so far the more reliable PC tracking software and service available.

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