How to recover lost data even when system can no long boot up?

Most data recovery service labs charge an arm and a leg for data recovery service. They know their customers are willing to pay almost anything to get their data back. The question is “Does it justified for data recovery labs to charge you $2000 or more for their service?”

Can you trust data recovery service lab? How do you know if they don’t make another copy of your sensitive data they have recovered? Sending hard drive to and from data recovery lab take time, and downtime is expensive.

Did you know that most lost data can be recovered in-house?

As long as the hard drive is not physically damaged, as long as the PC’s BIOS can recognize the attached hard drive, you have a very high chance to recover data you thought was lost forever. It does not matter if files were accidentally deleted and have further deleted from the Window’s Recycle Bin, hard drive was formatted, Windows can no longer boot up, or a new operating system has accidentally installed.

All you need is a good data recovery software, something like O&O DiskRecoery or O&O Bluecon In most cases, a good data recovery software cost less than 1/5 of just one service charge demand by most data recovery labs.

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