How to recover a forgotten Windows passwords?

An employee has just left your company without passing the password to the new employee or the IT Department. What can IT manage or IT staff do now?

What if the same thing happened again, but this time is the IT Manager left the company with some dispute? What can CIO or CFO do now?

IT staff has just set up a new PC for a new employee, but forget about the new password soon after. What can you do now?

Locked out of your own system? Can’t access your encrypted files? Unable to access system because you or someone have forgotten password can spell trouble.

Windows Password reduces information breach, but it can be a problem if passwords are not managed properly. With so many passwords to remember today, anyone can easily lost or forget some password. Productivity loss can easily turn into a disaster when important information were unable to retrieve from the PC.

Can you image if this happens to just one of the file servers that many people come to depend on?

Did you know that you can recover a forgotten or lost Windows password?

If you lose or forget system password, the only option left to gain access to the system is usually reinstall Windows. No more. It is possible to reset a password without knowing the old one! The user-friendly interface of O&O BlueCon makes it simple to apply, rename or delete users. It is even possible to reset a password without knowing the old one! O&O BlueCon provides you with a tool to delete or change passwords for local user accounts so that they can access their systems again, quickly and easily. Just don’t let this powerful tool fall into the wrong hand.

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