How to monitor and record employee PC usage and online activities?

In an ideal world,  people don’t use company IT resource for personal gain. In a real world, people come to work and spend an hour or more each day using company’s high speed Internet for personal shopping, facebook, download music, go to Youtube, and more.

  • What if they go to download sites and download illegal music, video, movies, or software?
  • What if they to go to sex site and down inappropriate pictures
  • What if they send confidential information to competed companies?
  • What if they click on a link and it start to download spyware?
  • What if some employee spend hours for online shopping or Casino sites?
  • What if some employee run their part time business during the business hours?

Employee using company IT resource for non-work related online activities during business hours don’t just slow down company network, costing your company a lot of money on bandwidth, and productivity, but create a lot of security risks and potential information breach.

Did you know that companies can be held liable for employees’ improper use of company IT equipment?

A strong company policy does not always work. If you cannot afford to block off or limit the Internet access with content filtering software or appliance, why not monitor, or even record employee internet activities?

While employee should have some degree of privacy at work, companies do have the right to monitor employee Internet usage in order to protect their network and reputation. After all, you need to protect company IT resource, and limit security risk.

You have a choice – you can either let employee do anything they want and slow down the whole network, leak confidential information, or take control and monitor Internet usage.

What can Internet monitoring software can do for you?

  • Deter employee from going to inappropriate web sites.
  • Minimize security risk to your IT resources
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption by download activities
  • Enforce acceptant and meet compliance requirement
  • Prevent insider information theft
  • Prevent criminal activities and corporate fraud
  • Employee will be more productive without non-work relate web site activities
  • Minimize potential lawsuits and expense

Good Internet monitoring software can monitor and record the following activities:

  • Totally  invisible without alerting a user that their computer is being monitored
  • Remotely monitor capability no matter where you happen to be.
  • Let you monitor computer activities as easy as if you were standing right in front of their computer screen
  • Let you see every website visited, the time of day a site was visited, the total number of visits to a site, and the types of searches completed
  • Let you block unwanted web sites instantly when a keyword is trigger before the users can even view the unwanted web sites.
  • Show all emails sent and received, who sent it, who received it, date and time the email was sent or received, including subject, content, and all attachment.
  • Web mail monitoring capability, including AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo
  • Ability to view email containing Alert Words.
  • Ability to log records of every keystroke, so you know what was typed, and who typed it.

How employee use company IT resource has a big Impacts on your network performance and Security. You can consider one of the Web Monitoring Software when looking for a PC usage and Internet activity monitoring software.

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