How to improve system performance and reduce disk-related problems?

Did you know that even new PC or server can slow down just a few weeks after the installation?

Hard disk is the slowest components inside a PC or server. To make matter worse, it has to deal with fragmented files.

Hard disk fragmentation is the main cause for slow file access speed. Windows distributed files all over the hard disk when saving data. The moments a file is broken into many pieces and scattered across a hard drive, it opens the door to a host of reliability issues. Fragmentation slows down file accessing time.

A fragmented hard drive does not just degradesystem performance, but it also takes longer to complete each backup, leading to corrupt file, system hang, and even system crash from time to time.

Having files stored contiguously on the hard drive is a key factor in keeping a system stable and performing at peak efficiency.

O&O Defrag before and after

Defragmentation software can help speed up your system, and reduces a lot of potential problem too!

Hard disk defragmentation software packs or merges fragmented files together on your hard disk. It is easier and faster for hard disk read/write heads to access a file in one location than having to pick them up from various locations within the hard drive. Hard disk defragmentation is the only way to restore the original performance of your computer.

Since hard drive is the slowest component within a PC, it makes sense to improve its performance, and disk defragmentation is the only way to improve hard drive performance for now. O&O Defrag is one of the best and oldest defragmentation software available in the market, and one that you can rely on.

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