How to get damaged Windows system back to life without having to reinstall Windows?

Did you know that you can get most dead PC back to life without having to reinstall Windows?

Solving hardware problem by replacing defective PC hardware component is easy. All you need are some spared PC components such as power supply, hard drive, and memory. This is usually not the case when the problem is caused by software issue.

Software issue that cause system to act up can be complicated. Problem can be caused by software conflict after install new software, upgrade, or patch, it can caused by corrupted files, damaged registry, or anything else. It is not something a technician or IT staff can swap to see if the problem disappear.

A quick fix to software problem is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall OS and everything one by one. It will definitely clean out the problem, but it will require a lot of time of software configuration and user settings. What if you find out it is a hardware issue after going through this?

Would it be nice if you have a troubleshooting tool that you can use?

There are system repair software that might help you to speed up the repair and service process. One of the best is O&O Bluecon.

A good system repair software lets you boot up the PC, and gain access to the defective system even without admin password. After all, if you cannot even login to the Admin account, how can you repair the damage.

It should let you backup data from the defective system to an external hard drive just in case you cannot repair the system. This is also the first thing you should do.

It should letsĀ  you edit Windows registry, get to the root of the problem, recover to previous working point, scan for defective driver or system services, deactivate defective drivers or system services. Once the system is repaired and can boot up from its original Windows, it should lets you recover lost or damage data if there are any.

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