Hard Drive Cloning Docking Station

Hard Drive Cloning / Duplication Docking Station let you clone/duplicate hard drive without a host computer. It offers a low cost and simple hard disk cloning solution, an alternative to Disaster recovery software or disk image and deployment software such as Symantec Ghost.

Why implement Hard Drive Cloning Docking Station?

  • Disk imaging/hard drive cloning – create exact replicas of a source drive onto a new drive – perfect for scenarios/environments where consistency and integrity is crucial
  • SMB, OEM, System Integrators, IT and service technicians requiring quick access to bare external hard drive contents, or the ability to clone data for data / disk recovery
  • Quick, hassle-free hard drive backups, data recovery and drive erasing
  • No hosted PC and expensive software license required


Hard Drive Duplicator Dock SATDOCK4U3RE  Standalone HDD duplicator and eraser SATDUP13  Startech Universal Dual Hard Drive Duplicator UNIDUPDOCK


KanguruClone Hard Drive Duplicator 5HD-Tower  KanguruClone 5HD SATA stand-alone SATA hard drive duplicator  KanguruClone 14HD SATA stand-alone hard drive duplicator KCLONE 14HD-SATA
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