GFI WebMonitor

GFI Webmonitor

GFI WebMonitor boosts employee productivity by giving you complete Internet access control to monitor what users are browsing and downloading in real-time.  More than just content filtering, WebMonitor let you monitor and set bandwidth linit, time-based filtering, set policy for user/group/IP, limit  download size to control bandwidth, and many more ………

GFI WebMonitor is a subscription-based product that can be licensed and/or renewed on a one-, two- or three-year basis. A subscription for GFI WebMonitor includes the main product, maintenance and the base update component*. There are three editions of GFI WebMonitor: Choose the edition you need the most, or simply go with the UnifiedProtection edition for best protection.

  • WebFilter edition: Includes URL filtering and website categorization
  • WebSecurity edition: Includes base antivirus* and anti-phishing
  • UnifiedProtection edition: Includes product suite composed of WebFilter edition and WebSecurity edition includes base download control, antivirus, anti-phishing and malicious URLs engine
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