Foot Rest for Office and Computer Users

Foot Rest is an important part for your daily computing and general office life. It provides an ergonomic benefits. An ergonomic footrest can ease leg problems and lessen lower back issues. Back problem is one of the main reasons that affects office productivity, so a footrest should be included in your budget for an ergonomic office.

There are several benefits for using a foot rest in your office.

  • Raised foot support, increases circulation, and relieves pressure on your lower back.
  • Encourages foot movement with a gentle back and forth motion.
  • Stimulate your feet’s pressure points while you work.
  • Relieve lower back pressure by elevating your feet and increase your blood flow.

There is always a foot rest for you to create a more comfortable ergonomic workplace.


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Standard Footrest 48121 Adjustable Footrest 80322 Adjustable footrest 80350
 Fellowes Foot Rocker 80245 Heat&Slice Footrest 80806  Foot Support 80670
 Foot Rocker 80245  Heat&Slide Footrest 80806  Foot Support 80670