Electronic Whiteboard and Interactive Projector

Free your audience from note taking. Now you can write, copy, and share your presentation or training material by taking advantage of Electronic Whiteboard, Interactive Board, or Interactive Projector.

Electronic Whiteboard is simply an easy solution to increase your meeting productivity.
Write your thoughts and print them out or email them later! Improve your business meeting, presentation, training is simple with an electronic Whiteboard, interactive whiteboard, or interactive projector.


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Electronic whiteboards lets you scan and store written notes as digital files. The saved files can be search, manipulate, print, or email on the spot or later.

Here are just some of the advantages by using Electronic Whiteboard in your corporate meeting, training, and presentation.

  • Information or hand-written notes can be scanned and saved to external memory, or simply print or send by email right on the spot or later.
  • Meeting attendees can now concentrate and participate in meeting or training without having to take notes, and so reduces meeting time, and get a better result.
  • All attendees and even those unable to attend the meeting share the same note, and so no one make a mistake
  • Ability to write comments and mark note on the project images (using interactive whiteboard) during presentation, and save note for later use.
  • PC can be operated from interactive whiteboard, a single person can give and take care of the presentation


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