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How to choose the right document scanner? Here is something you should take into consideration when looking for a new document scanner: It is our own version of the unofficial scanner buyer’s guide………..

Simple stpes to a Paperless office Converting a mountain of paper documents into digital files may seem like an impossible task, but it can be done, and it can be done faster and easier than you expected. All you need is …….

Why convert paper documents into digital files? There are many reasons and benefits to transform piles of paper documents into digital files. No more pile of paper documents to search and manage, it is much easier to organize and manage digital files, PDF files can be easily shared and archiving, digital files allow multiple users simultaneously access and collaboration, to name just a few.

How to Improve the Quality of Scanned Documents? If you would feeding a challenging document, there is very little your expensive scanner can turn it into a useable digital image. The gray shade and color background simply make the scanned image unreadable. There is very little a document scanner can do, but you don’t have to give up and accept the fact. VRS Can help.

Softwre VRS vs Hardware VRS Most Fujitsu fi-series document scanners shipped with the bundled version of Kofax VRS Pro software. Some high-end production scanner models shipped with hardware VRS built in. The Fujitsu 6670 and 6770 ships with Kofax VRS Professional software, where 6670A and 6770A and all high-end models shipped with hardware VRS. So what is the difference between software VRS and hardware VRS?

What is Ultrasonic multi-feed detection? If you scann 100 pages of documents, but only 99 pages were actually scanned, you have missed one page, and that could be critical for your document management operation. This happen when more than two pages is being fed a a time. What can you do to prevent that?

Choosing between Stand-alone Scanner and MFP When looking for a document scanner, have you ever wondering whether it makes more sense to get a standalone Scanner or Multi-Purpose MFP (MultiFunction Printer)? This all depends entirely on what you need to scan. Depending on what’s on your primary requirement, sometime an MFP will do, most of the time you will need a stand alone document scanner. Here are the reasons.

How to Optimize Your Capture Workflow? When designing your content management workflow, it’s a good idea to take a close look at how you capture the content. The scanning process can be analyzed as a chain that begins with your documents, extracts their content, and then passes content to your business application. By optimizing each of the links in the chain, you’ll be optimizing the front end of your content management workflow…… By Kodak

Electronic Record Management – Still playing catch up with paper? Research by AIIM. Despite the near universal move to electronic generation of documents, the volume of paper records is still increasing in the majority of organizations, although there are signs of stability in 23% and a decrease in 22%. Electronic records on the other hand are increasing rapidly in 70% of organizations……….. By Doug Miles

Email Management – The good, bad, and the ugly With so much time taken up by searching for emails – within one’s own mailboxes, those of current colleagues, or staff who have moved on – ROI from efficiency improvement is a genuine justification ……. By Doug Miles

8 secrets of an effective content or record management This ebook contains many suggestion and recommandation form several industry experts. The purpose is to increase awareness about the kinds of issues you need to think about when you begin to adopt a more strategic approach to managing information.

Ease of growing pains with OCR Manual data processing is tedious and time consuming. This artical by Ken Congdon show you how document imaging and OCR helps Fastenal maintain growth by increaing the document processing productivity of its Accounting Department 60%.

Scanning only what you need, only when you need it Jim Stephenson shows you a better way to manage both your paper based and digital base records.

Choosing a Document and Records Management Solution When choosing a document and records management system, should you focus on how well it addresses your organization’s corporate requirements or how easily your organization can adopt its use? This HP white paper show you how ………. White Paper by HP

On-Demand Document Management: 5 Tests to See If It’s Right for You Business value propersition of SaaS makes it attractive for application that spam multiple sites, between a company and its customers, partners, and distributors, intellengently, and can be deployed quickly, upgrade with new features and function quickly and frequently………. By Dan Carmel

Are Your Electronic Documents Secure? In an age where digital file management is increasingly necessary for a business to operate effi ciently and remain competitive, it’s understandable the topic is receiving renewed attention, especially with several high-profi le security breaches that should never have happened ……… By Laurel Sanders

How to overcome the Top Ten Challenges in ECM Project Management? Managing an ECM implementation properly is a major undertaking, and a determining factor in ECM success. With executive support, thorough planning, comprehensive budgeting, a strong PM, and transparent communication every step of the way, you have every reason to succeed. By Jim Thumma

How to Get the Information You Need from Your Document Management System? Capture and storage are just starting points for effective automation of your business, but it’s critical to get it right. Invest time in careful system design so you can turn your first steps of digital efficiency into a groundswell of success. By Laurel Sanders

Electronic Document Management: Seven Fundamentals That Should Never Be Compromised As you search for an EDM system to satisfy daily business needs, don’t settle for anything that could jeopardize the integrity and usability of your information. Make sure everyone in your company has instant and appropriate access to secure, accurate, searchable, and manageable content and a system that is easy to administer over the long haul…… By Laurel Sanders

Document Capture Software Helps Streamline Your Business From an office professional scanning documents into Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat; to the knowledge worker adding images to a customized application; to a dedicated operator scanning large groups of documents, indexing and sending them to ECM workflows; Kodak has the software and features you need to succeed.

Records Management – Who is Taking Responsibility? It is not at all clear who is responsible for the management and preservation of the corporate memory or for the increasingly sophisticated mechanisms now available for managing records. Given that poor records management can have a major impact on companies of all sizes, it is important to understand who in the organization is taking responsibility.

Different document formats for Different jobsThere are advantages of using different formats for different parts of the workflow, but there is a potential cost as well. Do you now need multiple applications on your desktop to ensure that you can deal with them efficiently? fortunately there are tools to help you there. By Martin Bailey

Advanced features for Canon DR-series document scanner Capture, manage, and distribute information with greater speed, ease, and efficiency than ever before with high-performance document scanning solutions from Canon.