DLT and SDLT Data Cartridge

DLT and Super DLT tape, are one of the top choice for those seeking high storage capacity, scalability, and long term security for data backup.

  • SDLT 320 and 220 users can take advantage of data preserved on these tapes.
  • 12Mbps data rate completes the backup tasks in an impressively shorter time span.
  • Less investment for system growth as the tape cartridge’s compatibility with new generation reduce datasets.
  • Reduced human involvement as compared to bulky rival systems.


MFG Fuji HP IBM Imation Maxell Quantum Sony
    11774 183670 THXKC-02  
  C5141A     183570 THXKE-01  
DLT-IV 26112088  C5141F 59H3040 11776 183270 THXKD02 DL4TK88
DLT-VS1    C8007A        MR-V1MQN-01 DLTVS1-160
SDLT-1 26300001  C7980A   16260 183700   SDLT1-320
SDLT-2 26300201  Q2020A   16988 183715  MR-S2MQN-01  
DLT-S4       184030  MR-S4MQN-01