DDS Data Cartridge

DDS backup tapes have an expected life of at least 10 years. If you still have DAT tape drive, and looking for any one of the following DDS tape on the following list, we can help.


MFG Fuji HP IBM Imation Maxell Quantum Sony
DDS-1  26047190 C5706A 21F8754  42818 185966  MR-D1MQN-01 DG60P
DDS-2  26047120 C5707A  8191151  43347  200110 MR-D2MQN-01  DGD120P
DDS-3  26047300 C5708A 59H3465 11737 200025  MR-D3MQN-01  DGP250P
DDS-4  26047350  C5718A  59H4456  40963 200028 MR-D4MQN-01  DGP150P
DDS-5 26046172  C8010A  18P7912  17204  200200 MR-D5MQN-01  DGDAT72
DDS-6  C8011A  23R5638  26837 230010 MR-D6MQN-01 DGDAT160
DDS-320   Q2032A  46C1936   229325 MR-D7MQN-01  DGDAT320


What DDS data cartridge to choose is totally depending on your your DDS tape drive.


DDS tape Storage Capacity, Native/Compress
DDS-1 Tape 2GB/4GB
DDS-2 Tape 4GB/8GB
DDS-3 Tape 12GB/24GB
DDS-4 Tape 20GB/40GB
DDS-5 Tape, DAT72 36B/72GB
DSS-6 Tape, DAT160 80GB/160GB
DDS-320 160GV/320GB
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