Data Storage Solutions

Whether your requirement is just a secure USB drive, an entry-level NAS, a backup tape drive, hard drive enclosure, DAS, Autoloader, high performance backup appliance, SAN, Disaster recovery, we have it all.


Qnap TS-1079 Pro NAS, short for Network Attached Storage. NAS is perfect for the following:

  • Inexpensive file sharing solution
  • Offload file server burden, improve server performance
  • Add large storage capacity to servers quickly and easily.
  • Low-cost reliable disk-based backup
  • Fast and easy disaster recovery
 SAN SAN, Storage Area Network, allows all application to share all network disks.

  • Storage Virtualization
  • Simplified storage administration
  • Ability to allow servers to boot from the SAN itself
  • Enable more effective disaster recovery processes
 Hard drive enclosure

DAS External Hard Drive Enclosure lets you add additional hard drives to a server or desktopquickly and easily.

  • DAS offers fast data transfer rate
  • Simple and cheap storage solution
  • Low cost solution for disk-base backup
  • Low cost solution for disaster recovery
 Removable Storage Mobile Rack Removable Storage lets you turn standard hainternal rd drive into a removable storage. It is great for the  following application.

  • Portability for off-site storage
  • Fast backup, make disk image or clone for disaster Recovery
  • Flexibility for multiple users to share a single PC
  • Ttransfers large amount of data cheaply
  • Software testing on a single PC or server
4 Bay USB 3.0 eSATA to SATA Standalone 1:3 HDD Hard Drive Duplicator Dock Hard Drive Cloning / Duplication Docking Station

  • Clone or duplicate a hard drive to one or mutiple hard drives without a host computer
  • Perfect for the IT Department looking for low cost disk imaging solution
 Hard Drive Docking Station Hard Drive Docking Station turns internal hard drive into removable hard drive.

  • Convenience way for large file transfer, offsite storage
  • Make disk image, clone hard drive for disaster recovery,
  • Service tool to repair damaged files
  • Software testing on single PC or server
  • Portability for off-site storage
Secure Portable Storage Devices Secure Portable Storage Devices are great for the following application:

  • For IT staff to carry essential programs, driver, patches, upgrade.
  • Transfer large amount of files to work on multiple locations.
  • Small physical size, highly secure to protect sensitive data
 Tape drive Tape drive maybe slow for backup and restore, yet tape drive is still an important backup device to protect your company data.

  • Portability of media makes it grate for off-site storage
  • Multiple copies of backup sets offers better protection
  • Tapes media can used on multiple server and multiple locations


 Sony LTO-5 tape Tape Data Cartridge offer portability, Long pretension life. DAT, DLT IV, Super DLT, DLT VS160, LTO2 LTO3, LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, QIC, Travan, SLR, or 8mm tape. We get them for you.


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