CyberPower Switched PDU

The Best Switched PDU to deliver, manage, and control power to your servers, and network/telecom devices locally or remotely.

CyberPower Switched PDU offers the least-expensive tool that your IT staff can use to remotely manage and control power to servers and network gears. Now there is no need to travel to the computer room just to reset a server. IT staffs can remotely cycling the power to a particular server or a network gear and do many things anywhere they happen to be.

Model Voltage Current Input Plug Outlets
PDU15SW8FNET 110V 15A NEMA 5-15P 8 NEMA 5-15R
PDU20SW8RNET 110V 20A NEMA 5-20P 8 NEMA 5-20R
PDU20SW8FNET 110V 20A NEMA 5-20P 8 NEMA 5-20R
PDU15SWV16FNET 110V 15A NEMA 5-15P 16 NEMA 5-15R
PDU20SWVT24FNET 110V 20A NEMA L5-20P 24 NEMA 5-20R
PDU30SWVT24FNET 110V 30A NEMA L5-30P 24 NEMA 5-20R
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