Backup Tape Data Cartridge

Tape backup still has its place. DAT, DLT IV, Super DLT, DLT VS160, LTO2, LTO3, LTO-4, LTO-5, lto-6, Mammoth, AIT, VXA, QIC, Travan, SLR, or 8mm tape. We get them for you. Simply call us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Advantages of tape backup:

  • Tape data cartridge is more mobile than hard disk
  • Lower cost per Gigabite
  • Longer media shelf life
  • Read/write to a single LTO tape drive is faster than a single disk drive


Imation DDS-4 tape Quantum DLT tape Sony LTO-5 tape
Fuji DSS Cleaning tape 26049006  Quantum 640GB RDX CARTRIDGE MR064-A01A
Cleaning Tape RDX Tape


  • LTO Ultrium Media is optimized for high capacity and performance with outstanding reliability in either stand-alone or automated environments with compressed capacities of up to 3 TB.

  • DLTtape Media meets the needs of today’s high-capacity environments and tiered storage architectures with compressed capacities of up to 1.6 TB.

  • DAT/DDS tape drives are easy-to-handle compact media cartridges that provide cost-efficient backup and long-term archiving options, an ideal choice for your specific backup and archive applications with compressed capacities of up to 320 GB.


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