Aten Video Splitters

Aten Video Splitters let you display content of a computer on multiple monitors on varies locations. Not only the signal is duplicated, it also enhanced the signal for long distance broadcasting. Ideal for showroom, presentation, and training.

  • Create engaging multimedia presentations for demonstration in lecture halls and classrooms

  • Display travel schedules and alerts in airports, bus terminals and train stations etc.

  • Create eye-catching displays in trade-shows and auditoriums

  • Use for in-store product merchandising in retail environments to give your advertisements greater visibility

  • Get your message across multiple displays for trade-shows or information booths/kiosks

  • Quick and easy solution to split a video signal in an auditorium or house of worship

Aten 2 port Video Splitter Aten 4-Port Video Splitter
2-Port Video Splitter 4-Port Video Splitter
aten 8-Port Video Splitter aten 16-Port Video Splitter
8-Port Video Splitter 16-Port Video Splitter


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