APC NetBotz Security and Monitoring Appliances

APC NetBotz Security and Monitoring Appliance offers the most cost effective approach for environmental monitoring over the network. It allows you to monitor humidity, temperature, door contact and dry contact, and other environmental conditions remotely.

Additional features like integration with StruxureWare Data Center Expert and user-defined alerts make the NetBotz 200 the perfect unit to protect your IT assets from environmental threats.

Features and Benefits:

  • Environmental monitoring: Prevent equipment failure from a full range of threatening environmental conditions.
  • Access monitoring: Detect access by unauthorized personnel via door switch.
  • Fault notification: Real-time event notification minimizes response times to critical physical infrastructure situations. Enables IT Administrators to reduce mean time to repair, improve efficiency, and maximize uptime.
  • Surveillance: Detect and record motion, allowing a visual record to be paired with an access or environmental alert, which speeds root cause analysis.
  • Advanced View client application: Robust appliance interface provides historic alerts, graphs, and configuration.
  • Alerts View: Easily review and correlate alerts. Provide context to alerts by attaching video clips, graphs, and maps.
  • Enterprise management system compatible: Make device information available to your preferred enterprise management system by forwarding SNMP traps (events) across SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 using the PowerNet MIB


APC NetBotz Model Comparison
APC NetBotz 200 Security and Monitoring Appliances NBRK0201
APC NetBotz 355 Room Monitoring Appliances NBWL0355
APC NetBotz 355 Room Monitoring Appliances with POE Injector NBWL0356
APC NetBotz 450 Rack Monitoring Appliances NBWL0451
APC NetBotz 455 Room Monitoring Appliances NBWL0455
APC NetBotz 455 Room Monitoring Appliances with POE Injector NBWL0456
APC NetBotz 570 Rack Monitoring Appliance NBRK0570
NetBotz Accessories
NetBotz Surveillance Add On Pack – 5 Nodes NBSV1005
NetBotz Surveillance Add On Pack – 10 Nodes NBSV1010
NetBotz Surveillance Add On Pack – 25 Nodes NBSV1025
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor 2 for APC Rack 12 ft. NBES0303
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor 2 for third party rack NBES0312 
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Rooms or 3rd Party Racks – 50 ft. NBES0302
NetBotz Spot Fluid Sensor – 15 ft. NBES0301
NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150 NBPD0150
NetBotz Room Sensor Pod 155 NBPD0155
NetBotz Rack Access Pod 170 (for APC SX rack) NBPD0171
APC Temperature Sensor with Display AP9520T
APC Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Display AP9520TH
APC Dry Contact I/O Accessory AP9810
APC NetBotz 4-20mA Sensor Pod NBPD0129
APC NetBotz Sensor Pod 120 NBPD0122
APC NetBotz CCTV Adapter Pod 120 with USB cable – 16ft/5m NBPD0123
NetBotz Dry Contact Cable – 15 ft. NBES0304
NetBotz Vibration Sensor – 12 ft. NBES0306
NetBotz 0-5V Cable – 15 ft. NBES0305
NetBotz Camera Pod 160 NBPD0160
NetBotz Camera Pod 120 Mounting Bracket NBAC0205
NetBotz Smoke Sensor – 10 ft. NBES0307
NetBotz Leak Rope Sensor – 20 ft. NBES0308
NetBotz Leak Rope Extension – 20 ft. NBES0309
NetBotz Particle Sensor PS100 NBES0201




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