APC Extended Run Battery Pack

Extend the run time of your extended run-time series APC Smart UPS is easy. Simply add extended run time battery. APC extended run battery pack lets you extend the run time of your smart UPS. The more extended run time battery you added, the longer the run time.

Looking for APC extended runtime battery for your APC UPS is easy at our website. Simply enter the part number of the battery, something like UXBP24, SURT192XLBP, or the model number of the UPS, such as SMX3000LV, SMX2000LV on the search box on the top right corner.


APC Smart-UPS XL 24V Battery Pack SUA24XLBP
APC Smart-UPS 24V Ultra Battery Pack (not rack mountable) UXBP24
APC Smart-UPS RT 48V RM Battery Pack SURTA48RMXLBP2U
APC Smart-UPS RT 48V Battery Pack SURTA48XLBP
APC Smart-UPS XL Modular 48V Extended Run Battery Pack SUM48RMXLBP2U
APC Smart-UPS X 120V External Battery Pack Rack/Tower SMX120BP
APC Smart-UPS X 120V External Battery Pack SMX120RMBP2U SMX120RMBP2U 
APC Smart-UPS RT 192V RM Battery Pack SURT192RMXLBP3U
APC Smart-UPS RT192V RM Battery Pack 2 Rows SURT192RMXLBP2
APC Smart-UPS RT 192V Battery Pack SURT192XLBP
APC Symmetra RM XR Frame w/2 SYBT2, Scalable to 4 SYBT2 SYRMXR2B4
APC Symmetra RM XR Frame w/4 SYBT2 batteries SYRMXR4B4  
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